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The Speedliner story

SPEEDLINER® was invented by Industrial Polymers in 1995 as a spray-on truck bed liner product for light duty pick-up trucks. It is used in applications where a flexible rubber coated surface is needed to resist abrasion, impact and corrosion over metal, fiberglass or masonry surfaces.

SPEEDLINER® is among a wide range of urethane products and specialty materials produced by Industrial Polymers Corporation at its state-of-the-art, 51,000 square foot Houston, TX manufacturing facility.The company is recognized as a research leader in the worldwide protective coatings industry, and holds numerous patents for polyurethane compound production processes.

Industrial Polymers specializes in high-tech products for use under extreme conditions. The following examples demonstrate the company’s expertise:

  • U.S. Air Force - For F-16 fighter jet air intake systems. Extreme conditions: highly abrasive supersonic particles; high range of operating temperatures.
  • Shell Oil Company - Protective coating for the Auger Net used under Shell’s offshore drilling platforms to prevent ships from drifting into drilling equipment. Extreme conditions: abrasive contact with offshore vessels; exposure to corrosive chemicals from drilling sludge; seawater corrosion.
  • U.S. Navy - For naval buoys and boat fenders. Extreme conditions: abrasive contact with marine vessels; corrosion from seawater.
  • Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration Companies - For rotary table impact pads on offshore drilling platforms. Extreme conditions: constant impacts and abrasion from drill bits and sections of drill pipe; exposure to corrosive chemicals from drilling sludge; seawater corrosion.

SPEEDLINER® provides a tough high build (4600 psi tensile strength) protective coating applied in wet film thickness up to 1/4 inch without sagging. It is recommended for use on truck beds, heavy equipment, marine or industrial applications. SPEEDLINER® is a low V.O.C. coating (contains less than 3 pounds per gallon VOC content) offering good UV and chemical resistance.

Advantages And Uses

Custom colors – since SPEEDLINER® spray-on bedliners can be mixed with standard automotive color tints, any color is possible!
  • UNPARALLELED STRENGTH - SPEEDLINER® 1000 is the world’s toughest spray-on liner. Independent laboratory tests show SPEEDLINER® to be 80% stronger than competitors’ spray-in bedliners.
  • MAXIMUM UV PROTECTION - SPEEDLINER® offers the most UV protection available of any other competing spray-in bedliner. Your new liner will keep its quality color over time and not fade or "chalk" like other liners. Chalking is caused by weathering in inferior products
  • QUALITY AUTOMOTIVE COLORS - Choose from a variety of high performance automotive spray in bedliner colors to match or complement the color of your vehicle. Pick one of our 18 standard colors:
      • White
      • Camo Green
      • Desert Tan
      • Dove Grey
      • Emerald Green        
      • Yellow
      • Medium Grey
      • Metallic Dark Green
      • Orange
      • Charcoal Grey
      • Medium Blue
      • Red
      • Black
      • Indigo Blue Metallic
      • Garnet Red Metallic
      • Medium Green
      • Dark Blue
      • Camo Brown
  • PROTECTS FROM CORROSION - the airtight fit permanently seals and guards your truck bed from dirt, water and chemicals that cause rust and corrosion. Other spray-in bedliners do not provide protection like Speedliner™.
  • NON-SLIP SURFACE - SPEEDLINER® spray-on bedliner keeps your cargo from slipping and sliding. You’ll have the peace and satisfaction of knowing the non-slip surface that SPEEDLINER® provides will prevent damage to both your truck bed and its cargo.
  • SPECIALTY ENHANCERS - Sometimes special circumstances require extreme solutions. SPEEDLINER® spray in bed liners can boost certain physical properties, such as non-skid or tear strength, by adding special enhancers.
  • MULTITUDE OF APPLICATIONS - SPEEDLINER® spray on liners can be used in a variety of applications.

Test Results

Test results for spray-in bedliners performed in independent labs show that Speedliner® 1000 is the most durable spray-in bedliner solution on the market. Spray-in Bedliners undergo many rigors in “real-world application.”

At Speedliner™ all our products have been tested to ensure that they outperform competitors and exceed our customers’ expectations. When evaluating a spray-on liner application the tensile strength of the spray on bedliner, the tear strength of the spray-in application, resistence to abrasion, elongation properties amongst others are tested to ensure that your finished spray-in liner are tried and true.

Test Speedliner® 1000 Speedliner® Epic
Tensile Strength 5638 psi 7360 psi
Tear Strength 865 lbs/in 1357 lbs/in
Abrasion test 4.4 mg loss per 1000 rev 0.0044 mg loss per 1000 rev
Elongation 570% 408%%
Hardness 92 Shore A 95-95 Shore A
Flammability 0 burn rate 0 burn rate
U.V. Strength 80-89% gloss retention after 2000 hours 80-89% gloss retention after 2000 hours
Di-Electric Strength 278 V/mil (+/-35) 278 V/mil (+/-35)

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us for details.

We offer 18 factory colors: black, charcoal gray, medium gray, dove gray, red, garnet red (metallic color), yellow, orange, indigo blue (metallic color), dark blue, medium blue, emerald green (metallic color), dark green, medium green, camoflauge green, camoflauge brown, petrol blue and white (with top coat #6). In addition to our 18 factory colors, we can also custom color match using automotive paint. Ask your dealer for details.

Based on our fantastic strength, our recommended thickness is 2.3mm or a little less that 1/8 of an inch; however, Speedliner® 1000 can be sprayed thicker for an additional charge.

Higher tensile and tear strength give us better protection. Speedliner®1000 is far less likely to rip or tear than our competitors. We also offer stronger UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays. That means Speedliner®1000 holds its color better than the other guys and will not "chalk" over time like you often see with other products.

With Speedliner® all types of graphic creations are possible. Visit our "Examples" Gallery to view our custom work. Ask you nearest dealer to confirm their graphics capability.

Contact us for details.

Contact us for details.

All Speedliner® products can be applied to many surfaces for many applications. Our rule of thumb tells us that if it can be painted, it can probably by coated with Speedliner®. Visit a dealer for more details.

Speedliner® 1000 has great chemical resistance to many chemicals. Your local dealer will have a comprehensive list of tests showing how Speedliner®1000 performs against different chemicals.

At 21 Degrees Celsius you can carry light loads after 24 hours, and the liner is fully cured after 72 hours.

Armor All will not hurt the liner; however, we don’t recommend using it. In the unlikely event you damage your liner and need a repair, a surface coated with Armor All is very difficult to adhere.

Yes, all Speedliner® products can be sprayed over rails.

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